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Quality Programs

Accuracy, consistency and immediate access to information drive the following facets of the Steel Warehouse program of quality assurance in meeting the needs of our custome

ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certification

The audit and certification by a third party registrar confirming the establishment and utilization of a working quality system. Encompassing the full breadth of the entire company, the certified quality systems impacts all employees and virtually every activity and procedure within the company.

ISO/TS 16949:2002 has been received by the South Bend facility while the ISO certification has been given to all four branches.

Customer-Preferred Supplier Status

Frequently, customers will establish their own standards of performance that go beyond ISO/TS 16949:2002 and more closely align to their specific industry. Steel Warehouse recognizes such unique requirements and have gained preferred supplier status in a number of different industries and companies.

Advance Quality Planning (AQP)

With each new customer or major new or change order, the company reviews with the customer every aspect of the job from resource material and processing through packaging, transportation and documentation. As a result, little if anything is left to chance.

Material History Data

The history, experience and necessary adjustment(s) accompanying every job are entered into a computerized customer history data bank for viewing and referencing by everyone in the production line chain. With certain processing equipment, the data automatically makes equipment adjustments (such as with leveler and flattener rolls) to accommodate unique customer needs as well as to adjust to the unique characteristics of certain materials.

Order and Production Scheduling

Steel Warehouse utilizes the Pritzer program for order and production scheduling which recognizes customer needs (unique order and delivery date), the flow of other orders and production equipment capacities and maintenance needs. The extraordinary data resource of the computerized system quickly projects an accurate picture of how and when customer orders will be filled.

Work in Process

This computerized program provides the immediate status of an order to every person in the production line chain. It answers the questions of where it's been, where it is and what's yet in store for the order.

Quality Check Equipment

Two among many pieces of equipment that support the quality assured processing of customer orders are x-ray gauges on temper mills, slitters, and pickle line. Likewise, there are electronic measuring tables with digital outputs at cut to length lines to measure flatness, camber, squareness, width and length.

Bar Coding

Accompanying each coil or bundle of finished goods is the encryption of the order's history from the material's very beginning, through processing to delivery instructions.

Invoicing and Documentation

Billing instructions are included in every advance planning setup as are special instructions regarding the need for certifications of material chemical and physical test results.

Metallurgists and Lab

At Steel Warehouse, we employ two full-time, trained and degreed metallurgists at the South Bend plant to coordinate activities of material testing to ensure traceability and integrity of test results and compliance with customer requirements or industry standards. The lab is fully equipped with the necessary testing instruments and reporting devices.

Cost of Quality

At Steel Warehouse, we have developed a cost of quality review, analysis, resolution and report garnered from both internal and external sources. The objective is to identify and understand the causes of the customer's order failure and accompanying financial consequences.

Industry Information Systems

Steel Warehouse has networked with two, third-party data banks that provide updated industry specifications (i.e. ASTM) along with major US manufacturers who participate in the service. The second is a worldwide standards systems information resource that provides access to virtually any specification or standard both domestic and foreign.

Document Control

To ensure only the latest Steel Warehouse and customer issued procedures, standards, and specifications are available for use, we utilize a local intranet computer system controlled and managed by the Quality Department.

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