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Processing Capabilities

Steel Processing requires a finely tuned balance between the awesome strength of large, powerful machinery and the know-how of experienced engineers and operators. Steel Warehouse Recognizes the importance of continually investing in both to provide customers with quality material that is cost effectively produced.

The company's FOUR-HIGH, COIL-TO-COIL MESTA TEMPER MILL, installed in the South Bend plant in 1985, corrects shape and controls gauge in conditioning material for subsequent processes.

One of numerous levelers (below) within the Steel Warehouse operational network, this machine works around the clock to produce narrow width, medium- to heavy-gauge blanks with lengths up to 360"

The state-of-the-art CONTINUOUS, DOUBLE BOW-TIE ROTARY SHEAR is one of three such pieces of equipment installed in Steel Warehouse processing lines. Programmed to work synchronously with temper mills, levelers and/or other major pieces of in-line equipment, this high-speed shear provides precision blanking accuracy while leaving no finish shadow or indentation.

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