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Faster response time and top grade results! Here's why:

  • In-house capability
  • Surface critical application
  • Continuous, push-pull system for control, continuity and consistency.
  • Needs of all customers from fabricators and stampers to steel mills are understood and met.
  • Produces a clean, more attractive finish.
  • Reduces wear on customer tooling.
  • Provides x-ray gauge documentation.
  • Offers choice of coatings to include dry, oiled, Mil-Bond and dry lube.
  • Applies, tests and controls coating's thickness.

Pickler Specification


Location South Bend
SWCI ID PP Pickler
Gauge Min. .050"
Gauge Max. .750"
Width Min. 16"
Width Max. 72"
Coil Weight Max. 80,000#

Our in-house steel pickling capability offers greater flexibility and quick turnaround.

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