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Panel Flat Sheet

More than just flat, light-gauge material, Panel Flat Steel from Steel Warehouse incorporates the quality, service and cost value that uniquely is the Steel Warehouse "advantage".

Material Characteristics
  • Surface Critical for durability and appearance. Suitable for paint or powder coating.
  • Guaranteed Flatness resulting from temper processing and leveling to eliminate coil set and oil caning.
  • Gauge Range from .055" to .327" (16 gauge to 5/16").
  • Standard Widths from 36" to 72".
  • Lengths from 20" to 306".
Steel Warehouse "Advantage"
  • Utilizes variety of domestic and offshore sources to achieve desired cost/value.>
  • Provides comprehensive, in-house variety of processes to meet the needs of individual customers. These services include pickling, slitting, temper passing, temper leveling, gauge reduction, leveling, and cut-to-length.
PanelFlat Steel from Steel Warehouse
  • Whereas most providers of panel sheet steel are largely governed by mill schedules, PanelFlat Steel benefits from the buying power and integrated services offered by Steel Warehouse
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